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Who am I?

I always looked at myself as someone not afraid to take the next step. This was true for me when I quit my 9-5 steady job to work on my dreams and endded up in Japan only to fly directly to Switzerland. Plan was to stay 2 maybe 3 years but the most amazing thing happened to me and I found love. I'm now more than 10 years living in Bern and with a son I feel that I will never leave!!  Still loving it.

After our wedding in 2015, my wife started her own wedding planning business and is now one of the best and more recognized in switzerland. Take a look CakeAndConfetti. 

In the beggining I was always with her helping to setup the weddings and watched as everything happened. I would say I had a previledged view on all of this weddings. Not knowing the persons and to see and feel how much they actually cared for each other was a kind of eye opener and I could not wait to get it on camera. Being a wildlife enthusiast I knew how fast and alert you need to be and by that time I knew how to expect the unexpected. 

This is what I love! to catch the unexpected!

Crazy, sweet, love, tears. All is part of this amazing experiance and in my view all those captured moments will bring you back to that sence of excitment and this makes me smile. Love it when someone can feel my photos in this way.

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